Purpose 1 has Moved!
Our new address is:
309 S. 10th St.
Lemoyne, PA 17043

PA Department of Environmental Protection Farm Show Exhibit:

PA Department of Environmental Protection came to Purpose1 looking to raise awareness and educating the general public on the sustainable products and energy resources here in the great state of PA. We designed and built this model replica of an actual house which represented the many sustainable, ECO-friendly products the typical consumer can use in and around their home. This 20 x 30 Exhibit was featured at the 2014 Farm Show and was awarded the distinction of the Best Educational Exhibit. For 2014 DEP will continue to take this exhibit on the road throughout PA to continue their educational campaign and public outreach initiatives on living green in PA.


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Who We Are


Take over 20 years of visual marketing experience, match it with a unique blend of creative and managerial skill sets, and you have a dynamic combo. At least that’s what our clients think.


Purpose1 assists our clients in making sure their brand reaches the intended markets professionally and consistently, by using a wide variety of both static and digital deliverables.


We call it our “on-time, on-target, on-purpose” formula. Our goal is that, in time, you will consider Purpose1 a major contributor to your ongoing business success. We would be honored to hear from you today.



As Purpose1 Employees, we...


  • prefer to work as a team, and enjoy the synergistic energy it offers.
  • know that “joy at work” is very much possible.
  • agree to a set of values that govern our business practices.


As Individuals, we...


  • find opportunity to fulfill a need for genuine accomplishment.
  • are challenged to grow our natural skill sets, and find support for those that aren’t so natural.
  • have the opportunity to choose a path that supports others, or pursue a need for entrepreneurial drive.

Together, we…


  • deliver a full menu of visual marketing products and services that help our clients “tell their story”.
  • create a business culture that nurtures long-term relationships with those we serve.
  • define our success by the success of our peers and the clients we are fortunate to work with.