A popular demand for the Purpose1 Team has been custom interactive games, such as the My Plate toss style game shown above and in action at the PA Farmshow below.

The Toss game shown above turned out so well it sparked other clients to request a scaled down version that is so compact, the game fits into the trunk of a car!

The Toss style game has become a very popular element in educating kids while providing a fun activity.

Shown above is a different type of Toss game, using Velcro on the board. The kids are instructed to toss a foam ball at a healthy drink option.

Durable vinyl printed Mats with Anti-skid bottoms used as place holders for where the kids can toss from as shown above. The mat can also be used for Hopscotch as shown below.

However not all interactive games function the same. Shown below is a interactive log featured in the PA WoodMobile.

This game provides visitors with an effective way of learning about the 12 primary hardwood species in the state by simply rotating the internal portion of a log and identifying the wood type after examining the tree’s seed, leaf and corresponding wood sample.

Photo credit; York Daily Record