V-Burst Systems

Aug 1, 2014

Our most popular back-wall display!

This revolutionary pop-up system features a seamless dye sublimation fabric.
Your stunning graphic is attached to the frame and together they pop-up in seconds to create a fantastic visual backdrop that is lightweight and portable.
This V-Burst display system has a frame to fit any space and can be accessorized with lighting, a rolling hard case as well as a convenient case-to-counter conversion.


8′ X 8′ V-Burst with end caps and podium case-to-counter conversion.


8′ X 10′ Flat V-Burst without end caps, used as a media back-wall


8′ X 8′ Flat V-Burst with no end caps


8′ X 8′ Curved V-Burst with end caps


8′ X 10′ Flat V-Burst with end caps


Two, 10′ X 10′ Flat V-Bursts with end caps, side by side to create a large back wall