Take a walk through Pennsylvania’s Woods.

The WoodMobile is a 34-foot trailer that is equipped with high-tech, interactive devices to help educate younger Pennsylvanian’s and students about the richness of PA’s forests and the economic impact of the PA’s hardwoods industry. Originally introduced in 2002 and having taught more than 145,000 students about wood and forestry, this new WoodMobile features videos, photos and touchscreens detailing the abundance of resources from our forests, sustainability of the industry as well as the dangers to our forests from insects, plants, humans and mother nature.

Take An Educational Walk Inside Penn’s Woods

As you enter into a world of wood through an in-laid hardwood path, you see the various wood species found in the forest of PA and view how many goods and products are produced from wood that we use every single day. The entire WoodMobile is a one-of-a-kind interactive learning experience!

The Pennsylvania WoodMobile is brought about by the Pennsylvania Hardwoods Development Council in the PA Dept. of Agriculture through a private partnership including Deer Park Lumber, Pennsylvania Forest Products Association as well as 60 other companies and hardwood groups who seek to bring awareness of the PA Hardwoods industry to students and all PA residents.

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Months from concept to completion

Debuted to over 72,000 visitors at the 2015 Farm Show

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