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Have questions about our services? We’re here to help! Below are some of the questions our clients ask most frequently. To see the answers, click the + next to the question. If you can’t find what you need, give us a call at 1-800-318-9070.

Do you offer support with design, or can we provide production-ready artwork?

Our design team can work with you to create fresh original graphics while maintaining corporate branding standards. We also accept client-produced production-ready art, including from third-party designers.

What file type(s) should I provide?

If the design includes images, an Adobe Photoshop (.psd) file at 100 dpi would be ideal.

If the file is primarily made up of logo(s) and copy, an .eps or .ai vector file from Adobe Illustrator is preferred, with all images embedded and fonts converted to outlines. These file types are required to achieve the best finished print quality.

While Canva and PowerPoint are great for on-screen presentations, they are not sufficient for large-format graphic production.

Will I have the opportunity to provide feedback?
Absolutely! During the conceptual process it’s a great help to understand what you do and don’t like. This will help us create a design that reflects your vision.
If Purpose1 is leading the design process, what is the client responsible for providing?
We will need high-resolution images, original vector-based logo and a branding guide, along with copy points that illustrate your message.
How much does an exhibit cost?
A 10-by-10 display ranges from $2,500 to $25,000, with a typical investment of $7,500 to $15,000. By providing us with your budget parameters at the start of the project, we can offer options within those parameters.
What is your lead time?
Production times vary depending upon the size of the exhibit and the complexity of the design. A simple back wall display can be produced in a few weeks following approval of the final design proof, while a larger display can take several months.
Should I consider lighting?
Lighting adds impact to your booth and puts your products and services in the spotlight. We offer front- and rear-lit graphics in a variety of display sizes and will work with you in determining how they can be used to make your exhibit attention-grabbing.
Does my display need flooring?
Most shows and venues require flooring in the booth footprint. It’s often most cost-efficient to rent flooring for booth spaces smaller than 400 square feet. Padding will make the floor more comfortable for show-goers who have spent hours on their feet. The flooring is packaged in rolls or tiles and designs can even mimic a wood look.
Where can I see samples of your exhibits?
We welcome you to visit our showroom, located near Harrisburg, Pa. We also have a limited selection that we can bring to your location. Contact us to learn more.
What is drayage?

Drayage refers to the process of transporting, handling, and delivering exhibit materials and goods from the loading dock or storage area of a trade show venue to the assigned booth space and back to the loading area after the event is over. The service is typically provided by the trade show’s official contractor, also known as the general service contractor or decorator.

Drayage services include storing empty crates and boxes during the show. Costs associated with drayage often are based on the weight of the materials, the way they are packaged and the type of content, such as consumable items that will not be shipped back to the destination of origin post show.

Do I have to set up the display myself?

Check the venue’s rules to determine who may set up your display.

We offer complimentary staging of all new displays at our facility for as many of your team members as you’d like to attend and provide set-up instructions as well.

We also offer white-glove installation and dismantle (I&D) services so you and your team can focus on your customers instead of exhibit set-up.

Where do I keep display materials after the show?
Purpose1 provides storage, along with shipping and receiving services, for your display. After each show we clean, repair and store your exhibit materials to make sure they’re ready for your next event.
What if I need a second display or a bigger booth for a one-time show?
If your booth will be used only one time, we recommend renting one of our displays. We rent a variety of sizes, from inline to islands, which include TVs and furniture, storage rooms, reception counters and crates for transporting everything to the show.

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