10 X 10 Booth Displays

Oct 10, 2017

Shown above are two examples of a pop-up display, called the NEXT, which uses SEG (Silicone Edge Graphic) dye sublimated fabric for a clean finished look. The first example above (Crump Life Insurance) shows the effects of LED front lighting. The second example above (IMC Construction) is internally lit to stand out from the crowd. The display also features a case-to-counter conversion which allows the shipping case to be converted into a counter.

The PA Preferred display is much different than a traditional pop-up display. This modular construction uses extruded aluminum for the structure and a variety of rigid materials to create the graphic panels.

Xpressions displays can offer a large variety of panel sizes and orientations. The display example above has the ability to swap graphic panels to change a message based on different demographic markets, or when new content is developed. This feature allows this type of display to be very versatile.

Not all 10×10 booths need a back wall type of display to highlight their brand or service. In many cases, all a client may need are retractable banner stands (shown above) or a variety of tabletop displays (shown below), including table throws.