Rental Island Exhibit

Nov 16, 2022

Upgrading to an Island display can make your brand stand out in a crowd, especially at large trade shows. Purpose1 offers rental hardware with the purchase of graphics so your company can make a big impression on the show floor.

Hess Brother’s & Rice Fruit Company did just that in Orlando at the Global Produce & Floral Show. By renting the hardware and purchasing the graphics, they were able to upgrade their entire booth with a new look, without a commitment to ownership.

20X20 display frame staged for graphic application

20X20 booth electrical set up before laying down flooring

20X20 vinyl faux wood flooring with padding hiding the electrical cords

Short on time and staff? We have your back with available concierge services, from pre-show scheduling through turnkey setup, allowing your team the freedom to arrive at the show with everything ready to go!

Product lighting is very important

Delivered with versatile features, rental displays offer ease-of-setup, commanding LED illumination, meeting spaces, charging stations, reception counters, Smart TV’s, collateral displays, & lockable storage.

Purpose1 brings a conceptual design powerhouse of idea synergy through diversely creative, passionate & adaptive individuals delivering a concierge level approach to trade shows and environments.