Rental In-Line Exhibit

Oct 31, 2022


Constantly changing footprints, double booked events, or simply ready for a brilliant new exhibit without cost of ownership? Rental displays are designed to flex for an in-line space to an island booth with a 360-degree face.


Frontline Education 10X20 display frame staged for graphic application
The entire booth packed in a single crate
Delivered with versatile features, rental displays offer ease-of-setup, commanding LED illumination, meeting spaces, charging stations, reception counters, Smart TV’s, collateral displays, & lockable storage.
Short on time and staff? We have your back with available concierge services, from pre-show scheduling through turnkey setup, allowing your team the freedom to arrive at the show with everything ready to go!


Purpose1 brings a conceptual design powerhouse of idea synergy through diversely creative, passionate & adaptive individuals delivering a concierge level approach to trade shows and environments.