A Monumental Story

Mar 19, 2014

PSECU has built a new Headquarters, and has dedicated the new building to their employees, past and present.

Once inside the lobby, this nine foot wide by twenty foot high Monolith tells the story of the Credit Unions Founding Fathers.

This Monolith is constructed from acrylic letters with a brushed aluminum finish, mounted to thick smoked acrylic, standing off two inches from the metallic graphic foundation. Framed by the buildings beautiful Terra Cotta tiles

Pictured left, is the Ledger originally used when the Credit Union first opened it’s doors in 1934.
Pictured right, is a granite etched building dedication plaque.

Located in the buildings Executive Suite, is an image of the original Ledgers first page from 1934. This display is printed direct to clear acrylic and suspended by a cable mounted gallery system.