Crump: Logistics

Aug 6, 2019

We PICK, PACK & SHIP for Crump!

Crump Life Insurance Services, a world provider of insurance and financial services, looks to Purpose1 to inventory, maintain, pack and distribute their entire line of exhibit material to a network of sales associates across the US.

Crump relies on Purpose1’s custom-designed portal to precisely communicate the display materials required, as well as dates and locations of their events and tradeshows.

Purpose1 carefully packs and ships materials to and from Crump’s events, cleans and repairs all materials after each show and places the materials back into inventory. Crump depends on Purpose1 to store their exhibit material in one place, keeping it well-maintained and ready for their sales team or employee to select the right
event material for their next show.

“We work with Purpose1 to provide exhibit materials to our national team of associates. Our associates from around the country use the online order site we’ve set up with Purpose1 to quickly and easily view and order exhibits and supplies for meetings, trade shows and conferences.”

Jane DeMuth, Crump Life Insurance Services

Purpose1 provides Crump with graphics, even at a moment’s notice, that are consistent with their brand and service offerings.

Go to:  for additional details on our partnership with Crump and how Purpose1 can do the same for your company.