ExhibitorLIVE 2017

Apr 11, 2017

The Trade Show about Trade Shows

The Trade Show about Trade Shows. Where event marketers, trade show managers, industry suppliers and exhibit designers come together to learn about each other’s experiences & challenges.

Enough of what we have to say!


A few perspectives from the show to give you a sense of why we do what we do at Purpose1, ultimately for you and your team!

ExhibitorLIVE - Speaker

As a speaker at ExhibitorLive, I (of course) enjoyed teaching exhibitors how to generate more top quality booth traffic, how to partner with others to create easier win-win-win situations on the show floor, and how to use social media to enhance their exhibiting efforts. But, perhaps even more so, I loved having the opportunity to get to know exhibitors (in both structured networking receptions and spontaneous meet ups) as this gave me more insight into their individual challenges and opportunities, which I’ll use to help my clients squeeze even more value out of their future event participation.

Robyn Davis


ExhibitorLIVE - Attendee

Dan was a great tour guide at ExhibitorLive. He took the time to walk the exhibit floor with me—pointing out the good, the bad and the ugly of the booths and ideas on the floor. I was interested in what caught his eye versus what caught my eye. It opened my eyes to how different an experience a tradeshow floor can be depending on what you are looking for.

Dan was focused on those things that would enhance my exhibit program but that didn’t cost a fortune. You can tell that he has a great relationship with many of the vendors on the floor who have known and worked with him for years. That says a lot about the relationship building that Purpose1 espouses. I think the fact that he or someone on the team make sure that they go to ExhibitorLive each year shows a dedication to continuous learning and improvement which is critical in an ever-changing environment.

Conference & Event Planning Manager

Philadelphia region

What our clients deal with day-to-day when orchestrating their show schedules, from booth staff engagement to the many display logistics behind the scenes, all carefully planned allowing the details to come together for solid presence on the show floor.

Ideas, ideas and more ideas around each turn of the show! What’s new, what stands the test of time, and how to bring multiple display components and features together to achieve the unique set of criteria each client is seeking to satisfy for their trade show display(s).

Face-to-face marketing is all about networking and introductions with your peers and clients on the show floor. After the pace of the day’s educational and inspirational focus settles down, attendees have the opportunity to get to know their peers through evening events including ‘Dinner with Strangers’. Just as it sounds, you can enjoy various cuisine options over conversation with folks you are often honored to meet for the first time.