Infinity Wall Murals

Feb 20, 2019

The INFINITY is a wall mounted aluminum extrusion frame system, featuring taut dye sublimated fabric silicone edge graphics (SEG).

INFINITY provides a slimmer, lighter wall mounting system that is barely visible. With INFINITY, the taut SEG graphics flow directly from edge to edge with only a small half inch of finished aluminum framework. INFINITY is a great alternative to more conventional adhesive mounted wall murals. This system doesn’t pick up the surface imperfections, is seamless and does not have difficulty adhering to new paint; all of which can be challenges when using traditional adhesive based wall materials.

SEG finishing involves sewing silicone strips around the perimeter of the graphic. The graphic edge inserts into the groove on the perimeter of the frame to create a taut, flat display with a neatly finished corner.

Shown above is an INFINITY frame fastened to the wall before receiving the SEG fabric graphic.

SEG fabric graphics are the ideal solution for seasonal, quarterly or any periodic image change.