LabLearner at NCEA 2018

May 30, 2018

The Science of Learning

LabLearner, The Science of a great trade show display!

For NCEA 2018, LabLearner wanted to raise the bar by adding new graphics and imagery to their existing back wall display, while incorporating a new rotating, internally lit hanging sign.

Between the use of dramatic B&W imagery and rich, colorful branding, LabLearner’s NCEA 2018 booth was certainly eye catching!

From the outside, B&W imagery was used along with selective color to enhance the overall look.

The sign hanging over the center of the booth is a “pillow case” style fabric which stretches and wraps around the sign’s aluminum tube structure. To achieve even more visual impact, the upper portion of the hanging sign is 15″ square, while the lower portion is 10″ square, rotates, and is internally illuminated.

LabLearner’s booth layout was created to mimic the feel of walking into a classroom that has been outfitted with the LabLearner curriculum.

While the show was underway, the classroom always had an interested audience.

LabLearner is a 100% research-based, hands-on science system used as a platform for STEM learning worldwide. The LabLearner suite is comprehensive. Laboratory set-up, curriculum integration and teacher training are all steps in the process of making science meaningful and enjoyable.