Purpose1: Production & Fabrication

Jun 28, 2017

In-house production and fabrication is a term in the industry for creating display elements on your own premises. A company’s own staff can design and produce elements that fit their needs exactly, while occasionally customizing a supplier’s existing products.

In this situation, the tent display was meant to replicate a country road-side produce stand. We printed wood-looking graphics and wrapped them around hinged PVC tubes to surround the tent poles. The result was a more realistic looking road-side stand.

Prepping this multi-layer signage display to plan an overlapping layout.

Similar multi-layer signage display using different materials.

In-house printing production allows Purpose1 to print on a variety of different materials. Shown above is a 25ft double-sided banner, while shown below are window-perforated graphics.

In-house fabrication lets Purpose1 create 3-D displays using various materials and fabrication processes to achieve custom, one-of-a-kind displays.