Push Fit Graphics on Pop-Up Frames

Feb 28, 2018

Stretching Your Expectations!

Silicone Edge Graphics (SEG), are truly the NEXT experience in the trade show space! The NEXT allows our clients to keep the sought after, upscale solid-panel look without the hassle of transporting and installing heavy displays. Lightweight and easy to set up requiring NO TOOLS, it breaks down into a duffel bag for easy transporting that won’t weigh you down! Silicone Edge Graphics are printed on fabric using a dye-sub 4K Print Technology to give our clients the vibrancy and “punch” they are seeking. This fabric is also washable, without sacrificing the graphics vibrant look.

To follow is an example of using several NEXT units to create a 30′ inline display while offering a dimensional look that is usually found in more robust extruded aluminum systems.

Using an “L” shape configuration for your backwall can add a lot of interest to a 10X10 booth, like shown below.

While at events, proper lighting is key to help promote your booth’s presence. The display shown above on the left is using arm lights to illuminate their backwall, while the display on the right uses internal lighting.

Which lighting style best suites your branding?

NEXT Pop-Up frames are available in a variety of formats, including this 5′ wide unit for tight spaces, and a curved shape!

For a more extensive look at the various Modular SEG Fabric Systems click on the NEXT Catalog button below.