SEG – Silicone Edge Graphic

Jan 27, 2017


What does that mean in the Trade Show scene?

The SEGway, a better way to get you there (maybe not)? However, when it comes to trade show exhibits, SEG is certainly a better way to the cleanest looking display!

SEG stands for Silicone Edge Graphic. A flexible silicone gasket is sewn to the four sides of a fabric graphic. This silicone edge is then tucked into a channel in the display frame for a 360 degree, clean razor-sharp edge. The silicone edge makes the graphic easy to install and easy to replace when you are ready for a message change.

Silicone Edge Graphics can be any size or shape, backlit or non-backlit. The NEXT display combines the ease of a pop-up frame with the clean, finished look of silicone edge graphics.
Are you NEXT to step up your look?

Non-backlit SEG NEXT Display

Back-lit SEG NEXT Display

SEG LightBox, showing how the silicone gasket inserts into the channel featuring high intensity LEDs

Modular display featuring both SEG and backlit SEG panels

An example of two 8’h X 10’w SEG LightBoxes used together to create a 8’h X 20’w internally lit SEG display

A more sustainable 10′ display featuring SEG rather than rigid panels to achieve that seamless look